Mindful Revelations

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Learn the Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's truths without judgement.

Embracing mindfulness has an incredibly powerful effect on our overall wellbeing and emotional balance. When we live in the present moment, we begin to recognize and take back control of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors from a world that distracts us from living as our true selves. 

We aim to provide information and resources about various ways you can become more mindful with evidence-based techniques to help you adopt it as a life practice. We will cover everything from understanding the science behind mindful awareness, learning exercises to help reach a mindful state, to the best tools you can rely on to support your journey.

About Mindful Revelations

     There is a massive divine universe that spans beyond our imaginations, both internally and externally, full of many hidden mysteries. And we all want answers. Having ways to interpret our world mindfully gives us a glimpse into what may become of our futures.

When we learn to recognize patterns, interpret significant messages as they appear, and decode the signs and symbols relating to our existence, we begin to understand ourselves, and our place in this world. We are indeed curious beings, always starving for knowledge, seeking understanding from the universe.

This blog, first and foremost, aims to help you achieve this understanding by utilizing various techniques across a myriad of doctrines to declutter baggage from your life, achieve mindfulness mastery, and clear a path forward that you can clearly see and follow, if you wish to.

It is our hope that you discover what's true for you so that you can enlighten others along the way.

     Our blog focuses on techniques and teachings to assist your spiritual development with the fundamentals of mindfulness from many doctrines. We reveal crucial information in how you can unlock your extra-sensorial self and learn secrets about the universe sitting dormant within you.

We cover topics related to meditation, divinity, and powerful ancient knowledge hidden away in time. W
e strive to reveal these secrets and impart essential ancient knowledge about all of the known realms of the universe.

Our mission is to help you discover truths about yourself, which may seem strange at first, but with understanding and fellowship, may improve your life.

We hope you learn something new each time you visit our little sanctuary on the internet and that you feel compelled to spread the insights you learn with others.